Graduation Disorientation

I really do intend on updating this blog periodically, the thing is, I was busy graduating college. Okay, truthfully I graduated a week and a half ago, but I literally went straight from the ceremony to my apartment, packed, moved back to Kansas City, and then had Christmas to deal with. Things are finally starting to settle down, though. I even finally found time to make my graduation announcements (left).

But once I realized that once I sent those out, I’d also need Thank You cards so I made the first one below. And then, I realized that not everyone would give me money. And that it’d be nice to have some general Thank You cards to send out, so I added in the second one.









After all that, I figured I might as well throw some balloons together and have a general Congrats card in my arsenal, and made the one below.

Leave it to me to take what I had planned to be a simple graduation announcement and turn it into a whole series of self-promotional cards. And of course they had to all be cohesive with each other and with my pre-existing personal identity. I guess that’s just how my mind works now. Maybe I should’ve just ordered the super generic, super expensive ones from the school? At the least it was good practice, especially for getting used to my new tablet, and hopefully people will get a kick out of them.

Now, it’s time to really get ready for the job hunt. I don’t really think many places will be hiring until the New Year, so I’m going to take the next week or so to get everything ready, and then it’ll be time to hit the pavement.

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